Welcome to Firehorse Productions

We produce high quality educational drama for children and create shows that are innovative, fun and memorable.

Firehorse uses theatre and drama for educational purposes. Our work supports and enhances the work of teachers

All our work informs, educates and entertains. 

We combine artistic and educational excellence and place drama at the heart of the school.

  • Testimonials

    ' Bullying is an issue that we have all been affected by (many of us directly), so Firehorse need to be commended for its efforts to raise awareness. Sequences in the film are very relatable, and it’s hard not to be moved by them.What My Life is a Bully is trying to achieve cannot be doubted. It’s an important film, and a well-made one at that.'

    My Life as a Bully

    "Bullying is a sensitive topic in all schools, especially cyber bullying. This production was well prepared with fantastic attention to detail. Our children were fully engaged. Thank you for genuinely caring about the children, it shows"

    Just Joshing

    All children and adults were captivated from beginning to end. This production entertained whilst delivering a powerful message. 

    Sticks and Stones

    The actors were clear, respectful and polite to staff and pupils therefore making our children very keen to volunteer. Our children were engrossed and the production was pitched perfectly.

    Sticks and Stones

    ‘A truly professional performance, engaging pupils and staff alike about an important issue. Very good attention to detail within the script. The issue was addressed carefully and thoughtfully. It linked well to our school’s objectives.’

    Where are you Johnny James?

    ‘You never know when you book a production how good it will be. Firehorse Productions are excellent and we would recommend you to other schools. Very relevant topic, very good acting and our children are still chatting about it’

    The B-Word

    ‘We would certainly recommend you to other schools. All our children loved it and want you to return again. Very informative script that engaged our children for 60 minutes. Superb audience participation.’

    The B-Word