The B-Word

Theme Anti Bullying

Running time 60 minutes

Have you ever been to Little Criddington on the Mold? No? Neither have we, but it’s the birthplace of Danni Dixon, the central character of our new anti-bullying production THE B WORD.

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Danni has just moved from a tiny village to a new school in a big town, but thanks to two other pupils, Tom and Phoebe, Danni has the worst possible start to her first day.

Aimed at primary children aged from 6 – 11, THE B WORD is lively and informative, delivering the anti-bullying message, in a memorable and fun way, balancing humour with reflection.

Within the production we see the serious effects of bullying and what the consequences can be. The carefully structured and witty script helps the audience to understand the difference between bullying and falling out and explores key questions, such as. What is bullying? Why do people bully? and What can be done about bullying?

THE B WORD also explores cyber bullying and looks at the concept of being brave and the importance of telling. The script also looks at the qualities of a good friend and the anti-bullying message is repeated throughout, reinforcing learning and delivering a powerful message.

The production has been viewed by Ofsted inspectors and graded ‘Outstanding’.


Click on the arrow to view The B Word in rehearsal.