Better E-Safe than Sorry

Theme Personal safety / Cyber and Internet Safety

Running time 55 Minutes

What or who is a stranger?
Should I go and meet my new online friend?

These are some of the questions explored within ‘Better E Safe than Sorry’

The production is carefully designed to help young people explore the digital world and the messages are delivered with clarity but crafted to also engage.

We meet the characters school pupils Lily and Morgan and their I.T. Teacher, Mr Beresford. Each character can easily be related to and identified with, by the audience.

How to stay safe online is clearly explained and the engaging script covers all of the most important aspects of staying safe online.

As with all our productions, the show is seriously fun.

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The production is lively and entertaining with a large amount of direct audience participation and also delivers the message of the importance of RESPECT, in both the real and the online world. The issue of Cyber-bullying is explored and strategies to deal with it are revealed. The audience are continually involved with the ABC message: Always Be Careful.

The school will receive a personalised framed certificate, a great reminder of the important message.