Where are you Johnny James?

Theme Personal safety / Cyber and Internet Safety

Running time 55 Minutes

What or who is a stranger?
What should you do if you get lost in a shop?
Should I go and meet my new online friend?

These are some of the questions explored within ‘Where are you Johnny James?’

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Suitable and adaptable for all children aged from 5 – 11, this production tackles the subject of personal safety for children, cyber safety and stranger danger. It is presented in the vibrant and entertaining style, of a game show ‘Say No or Say Nothing’. The productions aims are to educate children about the issues and to help them develop an awareness of personal safety.

The show is great fun, and there is also a large amount of direct audience participation.




We enter the world of the host, Les and he is aided by the initial contestants, school pupils Brown and Smith. They are all concerned about the disappearance of fellow pupil Johnny James.
This delicate issue is conveyed with a mixture of fun and frank discussion.

Essential safety rules are put forward and explained and as the story progresses, what becomes apparent is how vitally important these safety rules are. The audience are empowered to become ‘street clever’ and although humorous the production does not at all undermine the relevant, real hazards.

Each school is presented with a framed certificate which endorses the safety rules, a great keepsake of the important messages.

The script has the approval of Childline, Kidscape, Home Office crime Prevention department and various police forces.

The script targets and engages both key stages.

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