Sticks and Stones

Theme Anti bullying / cyber bullying

Running time 60 minutes

Technology has brought some great things into our lives, e mail, texting, message boards, but it has also sadly brought the cyber bully.

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Sticks & Stones draws attention to the fact that bullying isn’t acceptable in the real world and it isn’t acceptable in the virtual world. The fun script emphasizes that whether it’s face to face or online, you should always treat people with respect. 

In Sticks and Stones we meet Tom, and follow him from his journey from wearisome school boy to amicable Anti Bullying Co ordinator.

Within STICKS & STONES, we see the affects of bullying and what the consequences can be. The amusing script helps identify the difference between falling out and bullying and underlines that nobody has the right to upset or hurt other people

The production is highly interactive, with a large amount of direct audience participation. There is a good ratio of humour to strong messages, therefore making the message as memorable as possible.

As the story unfolds we learn that there is nothing good about being a bully. As one character says ‘What’s so good about making someone else feel bad?'