Just Joshing

Theme Anti Bullying

Running time 60 minutes

Wouldn’t it be great to peek inside someone’s head, reading their thoughts?



Within JUST JOSHING, we do just that, take a look inside the head of a bully, a target of bullying and a bystander

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Aimed at children aged from 6 – 11, JUST JOSHING is dynamic and informative, delivering the anti-bullying message, in a memorable and fun way, balancing humour with reflection.

Within the production we meet Josh, a friendly, upbeat school boy, just busy doing his own thing. We meet his nemesis Jack, the school bully, who seems intent on making the lives of his targets a misery, and we meet Dotty, Jacks not so innocent sidekick and bystander.


With a good ratio of humour to powerful message the script explores the effects of bullying upon all involved.

Cyber bullying is tackled and the script promotes strategies to combat any bullying encountered.

With thought provoking audience participation, the characters continually confide in the audience and ultimately it is they who decide if they have witnessed bullying, or is it, as Jack uses as his defence ‘Just Joshing