My Life As A Bully

Theme Anti-bullying

Running time 45 minutes

‘My life as a Bully’ is a ground-breaking 45-minute drama, aimed at children from 7 – 13 dealing with the issue of bullying.

A combination of both drama and ‘mockumentary' it challenges the idea that bullying should not be tolerated and accepted as ‘just a part of growing up'
Set in a modern day secondary school it is the moving story of Booker, nicknamed ‘The worm’ as of her love of books and her status as one of the many silent victims of a particularly nasty school bully, Bulldog and his gruesome gang.


The story reminds viewers that with support, we do all have it within ourselves to choose to make a stand against bullying and defend ourselves and others
The action gives a unique insight into a delicate subject.

With an introduction by Baroness Helen Newlove, the UK Victims’ Commissioner, a powerful resource, the DVD is accompanied by a resource pack, full of research, information, valuable lesson plans, discussion starters and classroom activities.

My Life As A Bully will:

  • Show the impact of being bullied, a bully and a bystander
  • Encourage uniting together and be empowered to speak out against bullying
  • Generate discussion and change attitudes towards bullying

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