Bully's Paradise

Theme Anti-bullying

Running time 55 Minutes

Lily and Morgan are pupils at Firehorse Academy, but here we meet them as guests on a chat show hosted by Gordon Flipflop.


Through flashbacks and reconstructions, we have a glimpse into their life at school and the behaviour that occurs there. The action supports the act of bullying being tackled on a whole school basis.

Bully’s Paradise is thought provoking and captivating with a powerful anti-bullying message. The productions key messages are to highlight the consequences of bullying, from the point of view from the bully, bullied and bystander. The production helps the audience understand what bullying actually is and explains the difference between falling out and bullying.

Full of audience participation the entertaining and engaging script reveals how bullying can devastate lives. The audience are fully involved and empowered not to tolerate bullying from others and to not stand by and watch it happen to others.

Cyberbullying is tackled and the script promotes strategies to combat any bullying encountered.

The anti-bullying message is clear and age appropriate, that no school should be a Bully’s Paradise.