Just Joshing

  • "What a well-crafted production with a powerful message. Really excellent, great performances, well-staged and sincere. Our children loved it and were fully engaged for the whole hour. Your actors were very polite and accommodating, great ambassadors for your company"

    Deputy Head Teacher, St Johns Primary School, Stoke on Trent
  • "This production is extremely worthwhile, clearly explaining the ‘Stand up and Speak out’ message. The script is fun and informative and presented in a manner that held our children’s interest whilst putting across an important message. We fully recommend this production to other schools"

    Teacher, Cage Green Primary School, Tonbridge, Kent

The B-Word

  • ’An excellent message delivered in a really interactive way, involving all the children. Outstanding resource pack. Bright,clear, passionate voices and superb involvement of the children. The actors were truly inspirational.’ 

    Deputy Head Teacher, Leeds
  • ‘An important message, well delivered. The audience participation was excellent. The performance helped highlight and support much of the work we cover in the curriculum. The teachers’ notes and framed certificate are fantastic. Thank you.’

    Head Teacher. Bridgend, South Wales
  • ‘The performance was extremely professional and the message was very strong and clear. The actors engaged each and every pupil in the storyline and used relevant language. The production was wonderful and I will be recommending it to other Head Teachers.’

    Head Teacher, Durham
  • ‘What an excellent production, with a good balance of humour and seriousness. We liked the way the characters sometimes came out of role to reinforce messages or to gain audience participation. Our children were ‘buzzing’ afterwards. From follow up work it is clear the children had a very good recall of the theme and of key messages within the play, including different perspectives of the bully, bullied or witness and the types of bullying behaviour.’

    Head Teacher, West Sussex
  • ‘The production linked well to our objectives to deal with bullying. Very good acting skills combined with rallying audience response. A very professional performance, engaging pupils and staff alike, whilst delivering a powerful message.'

    Deputy Head Teacher, Wolverhampton

Sticks and Stones

  • An amazing production, the set, costumes and storyline were very crisp and clear. Our children behaved so well because they were engrossed, they thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a production that will have a lifelong effect on people. 

    PSHE Co-ordinator, Weston Super Mare
  • Thanks so much for delivering such an outstanding production. The actors were very clear and audible and it was pitched perfectly for KS1 & 2. Our children laughed at the right places but also understood the serious message and respected it. The anti bullying message was delivered with sensitively. Well done.

    Head Teacher, Manchester
  • An excellent production and great value for money. The actors were superb, with fantastic characterisation that made our children keen to participate. The bully, victim and bystander were all characters our children could relate to. We would highly recommend and will definitely be booking again.

    Head Teacher, Derbyshire
  • A worthwhile production and the pack will be a useful tool to plan for anti bullying week. It was a fun way to impart a very important message and our children were engaged throughout. Well done.

    Head Teacher, Bristol
  • There were very clear messages presented in a fun way that I am sure our children will remember. It was funny and age appropriate. Fantastic pupil participation. Our children laughed throughout, a very well presented mix of humour and clear anti bullying message

    Deputy Head Teacher, Caerphilly, South Wales

Where are you Johnny James?

  • ‘We happily recommend you to other schools. The messages behind the performance were very strong and very clear. The content was presented in an entertaining way that all our children could relate to. A great afternoon – entertaining and informative. Well done’        

    Assistant Head Teacher, Wickhay, Essex
  • ‘This production is an ideal way of addressing the very sensitive subject of E Safety. Very clever script, which resulted in very appropriate class discussions and work.‘  

    Teacher, SevenOaks, Kent
  • ‘There was a good balance of being fun and lively, catching the children’s attention, with being serious. It was a really good way of getting the message across to the children. Very timely, just before the long school holidays.‘ 

    Deputy Head Teacher, Solihull, West Midlands
  • ‘So worthwhile, an extremely important message, well pitched. The performance was fantastic. A talented cast, who entertained all, from Years 2–6. A fantastic resource pack; full of useful lesson plans.‘     

    Teacher, Cardiff